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Building communities, transforming lives: The Richard Chartres Fund for London

By 2022 the Diocese of London area is set to grow by 1,000,000 people. Can you help us ensure we have a flourishing church at the heart of every community?

In thanksgiving for 21 years of service, we aim to raise at least £1.4m to ensure that at the heart of every community there is a confident, compassionate and creative church.

Donate today

Contribute a one-off amount or give regularly to the Richard Chartres Fund for London.

Why we need to fundraise

A confident, compassionate and creative Church is essential to create strong and vibrant communities across London.

The philanthropists who built your Church

In the early 1900s Christian philanthropists raised the equivalent of £164m to provide churches and mission workers for 500,000 people like you.

The difference your money could make

Your donation will mean hundreds of churches across London are better equipped to serve their communities.

Contact us

If you have any questions at all, email our fundraising team or t: 020 7932 1266.