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Building communities, transforming lives: The philanthropists who built your Church

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London’s population will grow by one million people in the next six years. We need to ensure that at the heart of every community is a flourishing church.

Creation of the Bishop of London’s Fund in 1863

Without the generous giving of the people within the Church right from its inception, it would have been impossible for the Gospel to have spread through the world as it has. It is because of the generosity of previous generations that today we can worship in the incredible church buildings found throughout London. In 1863, The Bishop of London’s fund was created to meet the need of the spiritual destitution in London which was being exacerbated by its expanding population. Established by Bishop Tait, the Fund resourced a huge range of missional activities and organisations that we still benefit from today.

It was estimated that through the building of 240 new churches and hundreds of mission rooms, the enlargements of other churches and the service of an additional 200 clergymen new provision was provided for half a million people.

We need to provide ministry for 1,000,000 new people

We find ourselves in a similar situation to Tait’s time. The population of London is continuing to grow and it is estimated that the population of the London Diocese will increase by around 1,000,000 people by 2022. New communities are being built in a number of locations across the Diocese and without our action there will be no visible Christian presence. We are working to provide community and worship space in a number of major development areas. We are also investing in our people – to develop the leaders of today and of tomorrow. Finally we are investing in work with young people, without whom there will be no future.

We must act now. We must ensure that the future generations will have places to worship and that we have a confident, compassionate and creative Church seeking to bring people together and to serve our communities. Will you partner with us?

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