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What we do: Pentecost Appeal for Mozambique

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The Diocese of London, like most UK Dioceses, has a Companion Link Partnership. Since 1998 we have been linked with the Anglican Churches in Angola and Mozambique: ALMA – Angola London Mozambique Association.

The impact of the cyclones

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On 14th March and 25th April two cyclones hit Mozambique: the largest climate related catastrophe in the southern hemisphere.

They left devastation in all 3 Dioceses.

  • 1000 dead; people stranded on rooftops for days
  • >1 million displaced; c 285,000 homes destroyed
  • Land inundated – inland sea size of Dorset
  • 2,975 sq miles crops destroyed just before harvest (x3 Dorset)
  • Risk of starvation; cholera; malaria
  • Isolated places in Cabo Delgado still not reached

There are many damaged and destroyed churches from city churches like St Jorge’s Beira to village churches. Their loss compromises all ministry, mission and community outreach.

The ALMA Pentecost Appeal aims to raise the Spirit of the Mozambican church by helping to re-build churches, church schools & church housing. This work is not the remit of the NGO’s and International Agencies currently doing post Cyclone work. It is a core aspect of ALMA. ‘Being church together’ is the DNA of our partnership.

How your church can help

ALMA has already sent £9,000 to our three partner Dioceses:  Lebombo, Niassa and Nampula to contribute to their immediate relief work, but only now, as the rescue and emergency phases end, are the most remote places bring reached and the scale of loss and damage being revealed.

There is still much to be done in terms of rebuilding and reconstruction.

Download the Factsheet below as a PDF by clicking here. 

Lord, we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ for every part of our world,
but especially for our partners in Mozambique
who face the devastation wrought by two cyclones of unprecedented force.
We lament the loss of lives, homes and harvests,
and the damage to roads, bridges and core infrastructure.

We cry out for those in remote places
who are still without shelter and those who are hungry.
We thank you for international efforts to rescue the stranded,
to transport food and clean water, tarpaulins and vaccinations.
and those who enable functioning communications.

We pray for fellow Christians working from damaged churches and homes
as they seek to reach the most vulnerable in their need and distress.

This Pentecost as we pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’,
may we lift The Spirit of the Mozambican Church
with our prayers, our lifestyle choices and our Pentecost offering.
May we, as partners, stand alongside them in the rebuilding
of damaged churches, church schools and pastoral houses.



Download the prayer as a Word document by clicking here.

Cash collections

Through your local church. e.g. open plate collections, retiring collections, lunches and fundraising events.

Payments can be paid directly to the LDF bank account. Please include your parish number and ‘ALMA Pentecost’ as the reference.

If you use this option, please email payments@nulllondon.anglican.org so that we know to look out for your donated money on the bank statement.


On our Give.net appeal page:

By Cheque

Cheques made out to London Diocesan Fund (with ALMA Pentecost Appeal marked on reverse) can be sent to:

ALMA Pentecost Appeal
London Diocesan House,
36 Causton Street,

The Powerpoint presentation can be used to present the appeal to your church congregation.

It includes many photographs of the devastation caused.

Personal Stories:

  • Amelia and baby Sara: ‘Without warning, the water began to enter the house, and I had no choice but to climb a house. On top of that tree I gave birth to my daughter Sara and stayed in that tree for two days’


Short film – Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Southern Africa makes an appeal.

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