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Last Will and Testament

Gifts in wills: your first four steps to creating a gifts in wills programme

How to introduce or develop your ‘gift in wills’ fundraising within your parish.

Media support

The media team can assist you to manage any potential or current media issues. They can advise you most effectively if they are involved in the situation from an early stage, so you should contact them as early as possible to make them aware of issues in your parish that may attract media interest in the future.

Blue pyramid graphic

Making a case for support

There are some key questions to think through before you begin any fundraising application. Your answers can help to ensure that you are consistent in your communications with potential donors.

Building friends: a toolkit for new friends’ groups

A friends’ group can help to give a church a life outside service times, turning it into a lively and vibrant community or arts venue by reaching out to people beyond the congregation.

Information from training sessions

Information from training sessions run by the @fundmychurch team, who run parish fundraising workshops in the Diocese of London

Starting your fundraising campaign

Don’t know where to start? You’ll find this explanation of the fundraising process and our templates for a fundraising feasibility study here.

George Diwakar, a ministry experience volunteer in Diocese of London

Ministry experience volunteers

Guidance about the status of, and employer’s obligations towards, the many people working in church as ‘interns’, ‘pastoral assistants’, ‘ministry experience volunteers’, or ‘volunteer leaders’. The status of ‘intern’ has no basis in employment legislation and requires careful treatment by employers.

Forest fire

A commonwealth of compassion

In the wake of natural disasters, people and governments come together to offer relief, and needs continue to increase. Better preparedness is needed for the next time – wherever that might be.

A world in crisis

A summary of presentations to the Diocese’s Route Around the World event in 2012, about how we respond to our international obligations in relation to the environment and climate change.

Account examination thresholds

The way in which PCC’s annual accounts are prepared, and the level at which they have to be examined each year, is dependent on the gross income of the parish. This article gives details of the auditing requirements.

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