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Starting your fundraising campaign

Don’t know where to start? You’ll find this explanation of the fundraising process and our templates for a fundraising feasibility study here.

Before you embark on your fundraising campaign you will need to undertake your community audit and you should also carry out an appraisal of your potential to raise significant funds.

Process diagram for campaigns

To do this you can undertake a fundraising feasibility study while you are undertaking your overall building project feasibility and while you are working with architects on your scheme options.

An honest evaluation of your fundraising capability will help you to identify what is or is not possible.

It might be that it’s a case of, not yet, rather than not ever. Maybe there is more groundwork you need to do to prepare for a big campaign.

If the vision is compelling and the people are committed, even the seemingly impossible can be achieved.


Capital projects fundraising feasibility template  Download  

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