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Resources on the environment

This page lists resources on environmental topics, including from Christian sources and others.


You can download from the foot of this page:

  • For Creed and Creation – by Gillian Straine and Nathan Oxley
  • People, Parishes, Environment – a poster to display in church

A variety of publications on care for the environment are available from Church House Bookshop. These include:

  • “How many Lightbulbs does it take to Change a Christian?”, Claire Foster and David Shreeve. This contains tips on green living, aimed at our individual lives;
  • “Don’t Stop at the Lights”, Claire Foster and David Shreeve. This explains how to introduce environmental themes into church services and teaching.
  • “Sharing Eden: Green Teaching from Jews, Christians and Muslims”, Natan Levy, David Shreeve and Harfiyah Abdel Haleem.

Eco Church

Click on Eco Church Survey & Resources.

Historic England

See Historic England’s Guidance and Technical Advice.

Some more reading

  • “A Moral Climate”, Michael S Northcott, Michael S, Darton Longman & Todd, London, 2007
  • “Bible and Ecology”, Richard Bauckham, Darton Longman & Todd, London, 2010
  • “Countdown”, Alan Weisman, Little Brown, London, 2013
  • “Creation in Crisis”, editor Robert S White, SPCK, London, 2009
  • “How Green is my Church?”, Christopher Dunphy, The Green Apostle Ltd, Rochdale, 2008
  • “Local Food”, Tamsin Pinterton and Rob Hopkins”, Green Books, Totnes, 2009
  • “Planetwise”, Dave Bookless, IVP, Nottingham, 2008
  • “Prosperity without Growth”, Tim Jackson, Earthscan, London, 2009
  • “Renewing the Face of the Earth”, David Atkinson, Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2008
  • “Silent Spring”, Rachel Carson, Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1962-1991
  • “The End of Nature”, Bill McKibben, Random House, New York, 1989
  • “The Hot Topic”, Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King, Bloomsbury, London, 2008
  • “The Meat Crisis”, editors Joyce D’Silva and John Webster, Earthscan, London and Washington, 2010
  • “Wildlife in Church and Churchyard”, Nigel Cooper, Council for the Care of Churches, London, 2001.



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