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Quinquennial works to clergy housing

The housing team are currently creating a new housing handbook, which will be available in 2023. This page may therefore not represent the most up-to-date information. For support, please emailĀ  property.enquiries@nulllondon.anglican.org

Every residential property is due to be inspected at five-yearly intervals. These inspections are carried out by a contractor on instruction by the Maintenance Manager. The report covers the condition of the external fabric of the house and the internal fittings, it does not include internal decorations, although it may comment on the state of these. A specification for any necessary works will be drawn up and priced. Once approval is granted to the works proceeding, a copy of the schedule of works is sent to the occupier for information and a programme for the works is agreed.

The Team is always interested to hear any comments regarding work carried out to their property. EmailĀ property.enquiries@nulllondon.anglican.org to provide feedback.

Any complaints or comments on the standard of workmanship should be notified at the time the work is carried out, so that any problems can be resolved.

Any major structural problems should be notified to the Team as soon as they occur, as it may be advisable to bring forward the Quinquennial inspection and works.

Similarly, in certain situations a Quinquennial may be deferred; for example, if an appointment is pending or further investigation of structural problems is required.

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