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Quinquennial inspections of church buildings

Every church building and its grounds needs to have a Quinquennial Inspection (QI).

A QI is a five-yearly look at the church building to see what condition it is in and to set out what repairs are needed.

The report will highlight works which are urgent and need to be done immediately and those which can wait a little longer but will need attention.

In most cases, a Faculty will still be needed for the works themselves.

Quinquennial Inspector

Each PCC must appoint a QI Architect/Surveyor. He or she must be chosen by the PCC and approved by the DAC. Neither Churchwardens nor members of the PCC can be the QI Inspector.

The DAC can help with selecting an Architect/Surveyor by providing names of suitable candidates.

The Scheme for the Quinquennial Inspection of Churches, a template document ‘Quinquennial Inspections in the Diocese of London’ can be downloaded below. For more information, read Employing Quinquennial Inspectors and Other Building Professionals.


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