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Online annual return FAQs

Help is provided as part of the online annual return system. Here are answers to the most common questions we are asked about getting started.

How do I get a password?

Please consult the email sent to you or the guide ‘Online annual return instructions’ available from the resources section at the bottom of this page.

Who can use the Online Parish Annual Return system?

By default anyone with a current position in a qualifying post. These are:

  • Principal Minister roles (Incumbent, Priest in Charge, Team Rector etc.)
  • Churchwarden
  • PCC/DCC Secretary
  • PCC/DCC Treasurer
  • Parish Administrator
  • Electoral Roll Officer
  • Specially nominated people.

If you have someone in the parish who is helping to complete the return but is not in one of these posts please contact the Diocesan IT Team who can set this up for you by e: IT-group@nulllondon.anglican.org or t: 020 7932 1234.

I am in one of the above posts. What email address should I use?

You must use the email address which is held in the myDiocese database. Please contact your Area office if you need help with this. If you have more than one address registered on the database please use either the primary one, or the address associated with your post.

I share an email address with a partner/spouse/job share. Is this likely to be a problem?

Yes. The diocesan IT Department can provide you with a unique email address for each person and forward email from them to the shared address.

Does the system work with all web browsers?

It has been designed to work with any mainstream web browser. However not all versions of Internet Explorer on all versions of Windows work equally well. If you experience any problems (missing text, boxes, buttons etc.) please download and install Google Chrome. This is free and is extensively tested on this system.

I do not yet have all the information I need to finalize my return. Can I make a start and save a partial entry?

Yes. Every form or page has a save button which allows you to save the current information as a work in progress. You can then return at a later time and complete it. When you have entered all the required data a ‘Mark as complete’ button will appear which will lock the data as ‘Read Only’.

I need to take a break part way through entering the information. Is it safe to go away and find some more information, leaving the form part complete?

No. You should always save your results as you progress. As a matter of good security you should log out or disconnect when you leave the computer unattended.

The system will automatically ‘time out’ after two hours of inactivity and any unsaved changes will be lost.

Which Electoral Roll number do you want?

By 31 January we need the number which was reported to the PCC at the Annual Meeting in March/April 2017.

My parish has multiple churches. How should I report the information?

PCCs are reminded that their annual accounts (i.e. reports and financial statements) must be provided, by law, at parish level, i.e. PCC level, even for those parishes with more than one church.

However, our hope is to collect as much church based information as possible. In the majority of cases this will not make any difference, but if your parish has multiple churches and you are able to provide the information both at PCC / parish level and at DCC/church level this will greatly improve the data quality and enable it to be better used.


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