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Officiating regulations for visiting clergy

Permission to Officiate

In the case of clergy ordained in the British Isles, a general permission for occasional and temporary duty in any parish in the diocese by invitation of the incumbent may be issued by the Area Bishop. It normally remains in force for five years or until surrendered by the holder, or withdrawn by the Area Bishop, and may be renewed.

Permission is granted for clergy to work in a particular parish, e.g. those employed by a Society or Agency who desire to be attached to a particular Church. This permission is for five years, is given by the Area Bishop concerned and may be renewed.

Permission to officiate in a particular parish is granted by the Area Bishop for a stated limited period to clergy helping temporarily, or proposing to proceed to a licence.

Clergy ordained overseas

Clergy ordained outside the British Isles by a Bishop of a Church in communion with the Church of England are required, if they wish to officiate in the Church of England, to apply in the first instance to the Archbishop of Canterbury through the Legal Adviser, Church House, Great Smith Street, Westminster, SW1P 3NZ. This permission is a prerequisite in applying to the Diocesan or Area Bishop for a Licence or Permission to Officiate.

Invitation to outside Bishops

The goodwill of the Diocesan or Area Bishop concerned should be sought before any invitation is extended to a bishop from outside the Diocese, unless the bishop to be invited is President or Chairman of a national society or institution and is officiating at a service or function in that capacity.

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