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Minor works to clergy housing

The housing team are currently creating a new housing handbook, which will be available in the second half of 2021. This page may therefore not represent the most up-to-date information. For support, please email  property.enquiries@nulllondon.anglican.org

A large proportion of the Diocesan Residential Property Budget is spent each year on Minor Works. By their nature they are usually essential but, sometimes, it is difficult to control the cost of such repairs within that budget. The Diocese has an established policy which occupiers should try their very best to follow so that these costs can be kept as low as possible and, when in doubt, a member of the Team at should be consulted.

The procedure for the authorisation of works of a routine nature is as follows:

  1. All works, other than those that are urgent, are to be authorised by the Team prior to the contractor being instructed to proceed.
  2. All works costing £100 or under ( including VAT) should normally be met by the PCC or occupier , other than those to boiler/heating and plumbing systems.
  3. For works costing over £100 , please refer to a member of the Team for approval to proceed.
  4. For works costing over £500 two estimates may be required. Preferably, estimates should be supplied in writing, by fax, email or post although approval can also be given over the telephone. A full description of the proposed works should be provided. Unless procedures are followed there is no guarantee that expenditure of this nature will be met centrally.

Properties should be checked regularly by the Incumbent/PCC to ensure problems are addressed as soon as possible.

Gardens to the front and rear of the properties should be maintained to a good standard and the grass cut regularly, and any refuse should be disposed of as quickly as possible to ensure against infestation from vermin/pests.

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