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Hiring a fundraiser

Hiring a fundraiser will not solve all of your fundraising issues; you must not think that by hiring a fundraiser that fundraising becomes ‘their issue’! However they can help you to get the strategy right, they should be good at trust and foundation applications, they will be experienced at communications and they should know how to approach donors.

You will need to consider what sort of person you are looking for and which skills you require. How important is it that they understand your community/your church? The fundraising skills required to approach businesses are different to those required to lead a huge community events campaign – so you will need to prioritise what are the key skills they need to have, which bits are less critical?

You should carry out an audit of the skills you have in your committee and the biggest opportunities you have identified for your fundraising campaign and then put together a job description. You can find further information on how to do this in our HR resources. Do you need a consultant or someone more long term? If you have an urgent need for a specific skill set you might be better to employ a consultant. If you contact the fundraising team they can provide a list of consultants.

  • Who will manage your fundraiser?
  • You must interview a range of candidates before you make an appointment
  • If you are hiring a consultant then they should be able to give you terms of reference before you engage them. Read these carefully!
  • You should ask for references for both consultants and permanent hires
  • You might also like to have clear (realistic) probation terms
  • With a consultant you might want to break the work down into sections, and then you can always end the contract if you are not satisfied with the output
  • It is your responsibility to manage your fundraiser, so make sure you make the time to do so.

Good fundraisers will not work for commission only. Good fundraisers should be able to tell you the risks on your project. Good fundraisers won’t open up their book of contacts until they have properly identified if the project is a good opportunity for those funders.

Where to advertise for your fundraiser?

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