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First Aid

It is advisable for all those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults to have a basic understanding of first aid. One leader in each group should also have a current recognised First Aid qualification provided by agencies such as the British Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance Brigade – some local authorities also offer these courses. A copy of the certificate issued should be held by the parish office. There should also be a First Aid Box which is regularly checked to ensure that it contains everything it should. It should be easily identified within the meeting space and not in a cupboard.

Please ensure that your ratios of adults : children reflect the possibility that someone may have to withdraw from the group to administer first aid.

St John Ambulance – www.sja.org.uk

British Red Cross – www.redcross.org.uk

First aid kits

The following is a list of suggested contents:

  • Individually wrapped antiseptic wipes or spray for cleaning cuts and grazes (alcohol free).
  • Gauze squares to clean wounds.
  • Non-sticky dressings, such as Melolin, for covering wounds.
  • Waterproof adhesive plasters of various sizes (individually wrapped).
  • A selection of individually wrapped wound dressings.
  • A triangular bandage for making a sling.
  • Crepe bandages for supporting a sprain.
  • Surgical tape, such as Micropore, for holding a dressing in place.
  • Scissors for cutting tape, plasters and bandages.
  • Safety pins for securing bandages.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Resuscitation face shield.
  • Eyewash solution and sterile eye pads.
  • A foil blanket for keeping someone warm.
  • A first aid manual.
  • 1 x Disposable Heat Retaining Blanket – metalised polyester film (210 x 160cm)
  • An accident report book with forms

Serious accidents

If a child, young person or adult suffers any injury that appears to be serious, you must contact the emergency services immediately by dialling 999. Appropriate first aid should be given (preferably by the qualified first aider) until help arrives, following any instructions given over the telephone when applicable. If a child/young person has been injured, their parents/carers must be contacted as soon as possible. Record the details in the accident book at the earliest opportunity (within an hour).

Minor accidents

If basic first aid needs to be administered to a vulnerable person, a second adult should be present where possible. If this isn’t possible, another adult must be aware of what you are doing. Parents/carers must always be informed when first aid has been administered as soon as appropriate. In cases of slight injury, this is likely to be when the vulnerable person is collected at the end of the session. Ensure that all details are entered into the accident book before the end of the session.

Administering medicines

As a general rule medicines should not be administered to children, young people or vulnerable adults.

If there is a need for regular medication due to health problems, a care plan should be drawn up and stored with the person’s registration form. This should include as a minimum: what the medication is, what the dose should be, how often it should be administered and the written consent (in the case of those under 18) from the parents /carers for the medicine to be administered.

As much independence as possible needs to be encouraged with regards to regular administration of medicines e.g. inhalers for asthmatics.

Contact details

It is advisable to have parents/carers contact details readily accessible in case of emergencies. It would also be wise to have any other relevant telephone numbers e.g. local hospital, local minor injuries / walk in units.

Accident book

It is a requirement that an accident book is kept on all premises. Full details of any accidents must be entered in here. An accident book should also be taken on any off-site activities.

The following information will need to be provided as stated in the ‘Halls Hiring Agreement’ article. A copy of this form is available to download from the bottom of this page.


Accident book report form  Download  

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