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Develop a fundraising plan

Before you can undertake your campaign you will need to have a fundraising plan in place. If you have carried out a good fundraising feasibility study and community audit makes this job much easier.

This process will include thinking carefully about your Churches vision and the impact you desire to see in your community, brainstorming all of your donors, undertaking trusts research and looking at the project risks.

You will consider how to phase your fundraising campaign including when it should be made public. You will end up with a donor pyramid and a clear plan for how each prospective donor will be communicated with and clear actions for everyone involved.

Further information and an example of a ‘case for support’ can be found in our Making a case for support article. A blank template can be found to download below and is also contained within the template fundraising plan.

It might be that at this stage changes need to be made, to the scheme, to timescales or other elements of the business plan as you look at what is realistic for your fundraising team to achieve. It is useful to have your fundraising plan checked by someone who is not working on the project to check that your assumptions and estimations are correct. The best fundraising campaign never quite goes according to plan and the best campaigns usually have unanticipated opportunities that arise, but a solid well thought through plan will hugely increase your chances of success.

The fundraising team can help you by facilitating sessions which help a fundraising committee to develop the fundraising plan. Please contact us if this would be useful.

Once you’ve got your plan in place, your campaign is ready to go!


Fundraising plan template  Download  
Capital campaign project plan  Download  
Blank case for support template  Download  
Donor pyramid template  Download  

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