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Church use for concerts

There are many music groups and choirs who could use your church for concerts or rehearsal space.

  • The church will have to commit to a fixed booking, normally one evening a week for rehearsal purposes.
  • When booking for concerts the hiring group will probably require the use of the church for the afternoon and evening.
  • Changing facilities will be required.
  • Hire fees are variable depending on size of building and location etc. However a guide level would be between £50 and £70 per hour.

When the church is being used for a concert the programme must comply with Canon F16.

Things to consider

For Choirs

  • Organ, piano or good quality full size electronic keyboard. If the organ or piano require tuning then the cost of this is the responsibility of the hirer.
  • Movable seating
  • Flexible space although not essential
  • Good lighting

For Musical Groups

  • Easy access to power
  • Storage space for equipment (e.g.stands and percussion)
  • Armless chairs
  • Flexible space
  • Good lighting

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