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A world in crisis

This page summarises presentations to the Diocese’s Route Around the World event in 2012, about how we respond to our international obligations in relation to the environment and climate change.

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Route around the World

The event of this name took place in St George’s Bloomsbury on St Patrick’s Day 17 March 2012.

The Rt Rev Peter Wheatley, Bishop of Edmonton, was the lead speaker. He reminded us of the momentous changes that are happening around the world due to climate change. This is causing immense suffering already, but is set to become even more severe as the years go by, and potentially irreversible.

Christian Aid and Progressio

Peter Wheatley’s message was illustrated by presentations from Stephanie Hubbard of Christian Aid and Daniel Hale of Progressio.

Stephanie Hubbard told us about Christian Aid partners in India, and also about the emerging crisis of drought and famine across North African countries in the region south of the Sahara known as the Sahel.


Daniel Hale highlighted specific issues around crop growing and water – in particular, asparagus from Peru. Do we really need to import asparagus out of season when it is grown in season in the UK? The huge asparagus crop in Peru which dominates our supermarkets does provide local employment – but it radically depletes the water table. This is likely to make the areas concerned barren in 20 years. That will do no-one any good.

Earth Charter

Route around the World was an interdenominational and interfaith event. It was concluded by Rabbi Jeffrey Newman of Earth Charter UK.


We also viewed exhibitions about ALMA, our diocesan partnership with the Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola, and Tearfund. ALMA’s display featured the capulana (a 2 metre length of cloth used primarily as woman’s clothing) designed to mark the huge Mozambican flood of 2000, when baby Rosina was born in a tree. It also showed flood damage and relief work from the 2012 floods.

Food and water

Enough food and clean water stand out as critical to the survival of populations and communities in every part of the undeveloped world.


Our partners with whom we are engaging include:

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