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Our toolkit of safeguarding information and advice supplements the Diocese of London’s Safeguarding Policy. See the main safeguarding support pages for context and the main policy.

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Local Authority Contacts

Contact details of Local Authorities which cover the Diocese of London.

Managing safeguarding concerns, responding and reporting

Guidance on managing safeguarding concerns, how to respond and report them, even if you are not ‘officially’ responsible for safeguarding in your parish.

Off-site visits, sleepovers and transporting vulnerable groups

Safeguarding guidance for parishes undertaking off-site visits, sleepovers in church, or transporting vulnerable groups.

Risk Assessment

Guidance for parishes on carrying out risk assessments for activities and environments. Activities and environments always carry a risk; Risk Assessments provide a way to assess and minimise these.

Safeguarding complaints policy and procedure

How to complain if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the safeguarding service provided to you at a diocesan level.

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