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Our articles in this section are intended to be a guide for clergy and parish officers to conduct regular services and occasional offices according to Canon Law, diocesan polices and regulations – as well as English law.

If you are looking for information about attending a church service, getting married, christened or confirmed then the Life section of this site will be more useful to you.

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Confirmation guidelines

Guidelines for clergy and lay ministers, concerning good practice when preparing and presenting candidates for confirmation.

Funerals guidelines

Guidelines for clergy and lay ministers concerning good practice when conducting funerals and providing bereavement care.

Government Guidelines for clergy

Advice from the General Register Office on marriage registrations, baptisms and burials.

Officiating regulations for visiting clergy

Information about clergy who wish to officiate in Diocese of London churches, whether visiting temporarily, ordained overseas, or a visiting bishop.

Weddings and marriage guidelines

Advice for clergy on preparing for, and conducting, weddings in the Diocese of London.

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