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This toolkit has been compiled to enable and equip you to use communications media effectively and appropriately to serve the mission of your parish.

We hope you will consider the resources offered here as an invitation and not an instruction. It is important not only to ensure that your parish has the resources, staff or time to pursue a new approach, but also that whatever you decide to use connects the mission of your parish, the Diocese and the Church in a way which is authentic.

If at any time you need some further advice, or you need support to handle a media enquiry, do not hesitate to contact us. We also want to hear your news.

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Media support

The media team can assist you to manage any potential or current media issues. They can advise you most effectively if they are involved in the situation from an early stage, so you should contact them as early as possible to make them aware of issues in your parish that may attract media interest in the future.

Copyright image on computer screen

Copyright of images, music and text

Copyright affects the use of liturgy, music, images and other resources in worship, online and in print. This article covers ways to stay on the right side of the law.

Dealing with media enquiries

This guide has been drawn up to support parishes in dealings with the media.

Diocese of London Logos

Logos for Diocese of London and the Diocese of London Children’s Charter.

Filming in churches

Allowing filming in your church can be good publicity and good for raising funds. These guidelines are to help decide whether to agree to filming, and then in planning and managing the shoot.

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