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How to install glass doors in your church

You might have seen glass doors installed in the entrances to other churches and you might be thinking about installing them in your own church building. If so, then this guidance sheet is for you. 

An example of church seating

How to replace and reorder church seating

Seating is key to the way a church building is used. This guidance will help if you’ve ever thought about making changes to the interior of your church.

Minor works to churches

Chancellor’s guidance to all parochial church councils, ministers and churchwardens in the Diocese as to ‘minor works’ not requiring a faculty.

Provision for people with disabilities

This guide is aimed at helping you to make your church more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities.

Redecoration proposals in churches

A church’s decorative scheme is crucial to the way in which the building is understood and enjoyed. A good decorative scheme can significantly enhance the appearance of an interior and help to create an atmosphere conducive to worship.

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