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‘Major donors’ include trusts, foundations, livery companies and wealthy individuals. Each requires a different approach. Please do take some time to read through the resources here and also check if anyone in your congregation has been involved in this type of fundraising before. In this type of fundraising, relationships are key. Remember, trusts rarely respond within six months of your application and it can take months or years to steward individuals before you make an ask. This is long term! If you are thinking of approaching some major donors for specific parish projects or you are unsure how to steward individuals, these articles will help you find your way. If you need any further help, why not call us during our surgery time on Thursday afternoons between 2pm-5pm.

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Making a case for support

There are some key questions to think through before you begin any fundraising application. Your answers can help to ensure that you are consistent in your communications with potential donors.

Information from training sessions

Information from training sessions run by the @fundmychurch team, who run parish fundraising workshops in the Diocese of London

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