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Governance at parish level is part of the overall governance framework of the diocese and wider Church of England. For instance, it is those on the electoral rolls of their parishes that are eligible to stand for election to synodical bodies such as deanery synods, the Diocesan Synod and the General Synod.

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By-Elections for Diocesan Synod

Guidance to Deanery Officers on conducting Diocesan Synod by-elections, issues by the synodical secretary on 10 July 2012


This article describes the role of churchwardens, procedure for their appointment, term of office, duties and responsibilities.

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Copyright of images, music and text

Copyright affects the use of liturgy, music, images and other resources in worship, online and in print. This article covers ways to stay on the right side of the law.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New data protection laws will take effect in the UK in May 2018. Download the data protection toolkit for parishes and sign up for training.

Renewal of electoral rolls

The church electoral roll is revised every year, and the updated list presented at the annual parish meeting. Every sixth year, the electoral must be prepared from scratch.

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