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Apply for DAC advice online

The online portal enabling you to apply for DAC advice is now live. Applying online via the portal gives you a guarantee that your case is “in the system” and it also makes it easier for the documents to be circulated to DAC members and other consultees, which should make for a quicker and smoother DAC process.

Care of Churches Glossary

This glossary contains terms of reference pertaining to the care of church buildings. It can be navigated easily using the ‘Table of Content’, in the top right of this page.

DAC site visits

An article for PCCs who are preparing for a Diocesan Advisory Committee visit to their church building.

Dates of DAC Meetings

Meeting dates and submission details for the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.

External consultees and listed status

Details of the external bodies which must be consulted before works on churches are undertaken, including amenity societies, conservation officers and local planning authorities.

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