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Your church activities and building are a huge asset to the surrounding community. This means that people in your community could be happy to fund you! At the foundation of any good fundraising you need to develop your ‘case for support’ which helps you ensure you have the right messages for potential donors. This section includes guidance on how to develop a friends group, how to run profitable community events and inspiring case studies.

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Making a case for support

There are some key questions to think through before you begin any fundraising application. Your answers can help to ensure that you are consistent in your communications with potential donors.

Building friends: a toolkit for new friends’ groups

A friends’ group can help to give a church a life outside service times, turning it into a lively and vibrant community or arts venue by reaching out to people beyond the congregation.

Information from training sessions

Information from training sessions run by the @fundmychurch team, who run parish fundraising workshops in the Diocese of London

BLMF fundraising run 2015

Community events fundraising

From jumble sales to beetle races, sponsored runs to gala dinners, raising money through events should be a fun part of every churches fundraising strategy.

St Gabriel's Warwick Square Pimlico

Friends’ group case studies

A number of friends’ groups have been formed in the Diocese of London. Find out how some of them were formed, how they raise money and what impact they have.

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