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Filming in churches

Allowing filming in your church can be good publicity and good for raising funds. These guidelines are to help decide whether to agree to filming, and then in planning and managing the shoot.

Collage of parish websites

Parish websites

The parish website is your opportunity to tell visitors about your parish, where the church is, what happens there and when. It is a crucial first step in inviting newcomers to become part of your church community. If your church does not yet have a website, this information is provided as a guide to help you get started.

Social media icons

Social media

Social media can help your church reach people where they are. It is already massive and continues to grow. It’s often said that if you’re not on social media then you don’t exist.

Social Media Policy

Social media can be a wonderful outreach tool, and a way to build community. It's immediate, interactive, conversational and open-ended. It can also … Read more

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