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Telecommunication installations

This page is designed to help your church respond to any approaches by telecommunications companies who would like to install a telecoms base station in your church, or on church property. It explains how to deal with the aesthetic, technical, legal and ethical factors involved.

The care and conservation of brasses

Advice on the care and conservation of brasses in church buildings.

The Church Buildings Council’s Policy on the Sale of Treasures from Churches

Rule 15 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2000, requires consultation with the Church Buildings Council on the disposal of articles of particular historic merit. The final decisions over disposal are of course in the hands of the Chancellors but the Church Buildings Council thought it would be helpful to Chancellors, DACs and parishes to set out its policy on the subject and the thinking behind it.

The selection of new stained glass windows

Guidance on the selection of new stained glass for church buildings.

Vertical ladders guidance

Advice to assist parishes in complying with Health and Safety law when using vertical ladders.

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