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Redecoration proposals in churches

A church’s decorative scheme is crucial to the way in which the building is understood and enjoyed. A good decorative scheme can significantly enhance the appearance of an interior and help to create an atmosphere conducive to worship.

Smoking in churches

Details of regulations banning smoking in public places, and their practical implications for churches. Sample signage is included.

Statements of Significance and Need

The process of obtaining a faculty is started by applying for a Certificate of Recommendation. In order to be processed your application should include two documents known as the Statement of Need and the Statement of Significance. This article offers guidance on how to write these statements.

Structural engineering

This note is intended for Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and churches appointing them, who have not made previous or recent applications for faculty permission and who are not familiar with the requirements.

St Paul's Hammersmith

Sustainable building

Advice and resources about sustainable building for architects and Quinquennial Inspectors and other construction professionals working for parishes and churches.

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