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Minor works to churches

Chancellor’s guidance to all parochial church councils, ministers and churchwardens in the Diocese as to ‘minor works’ not requiring a faculty.

Planning system

This short note summarises some of the key points which emerged from a one day seminar for those involved with church buildings casework, instigated by the Diocese of London and provided by the charity Planning Aid for London on 19 May 2011.

Protection for church windows

Some churches suffer from deliberate vandalism to their windows. The combination of vulnerability and visibility has always made windows the first target for those wishing to attack a building. This article offers support on guarding vulnerable windows.

Provision for people with disabilities

This guide is aimed at helping you to make your church more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities.

Quinquennial inspections of church buildings

This article provides details of Quinquennial Inspections to church buildings, including advice on appointing an inspector, and templates for carrying out an inspection.

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