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Landscape, oceans and humans

Landscapes are suffering severe impacts from the hands of human beings. In the last 50 years, the Earth has entered a whole new ‘anthropocene’ geological era, characterised by human influences.

Ozone depletion and CFCs

An introduction to one aspect of the impacts imposed by humans our planet – which is fairly well known but often misunderstood – Ozone depletion and CFCs.

Sculpture of workers

Resource depletion and sustainability

Sustainability is a headline concern, championed by the United Nations and other internal institutions. The Church too must play its part in promoting sustainability.

Children at the Route 2050 launch

Route 2050

Route 2050 is the Diocese of London’s strategic long-term plan to reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of all its buildings and property.

The environment around the year

A calendar of annual or other events for churches and church members to take part in, within and beyond the Diocese, concerning the environment and climate change.

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