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Capital campaigns are tough and must be undertaken with care. Once you have taken some time to read through the resources here, we would strongly encourage you to give us a call and we will be delighted to provide you with support. We love to hear about capital projects and to visit parishes that are undertaking them. We can provide a range of advice including contacts for professional fundraisers if you plan to use them. You can fill out the form for us to get back to you or you can call us during our surgery time on Thursday afternoons between 2pm-5pm.

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Information from training sessions

Information from training sessions run by the @fundmychurch team, who run parish fundraising workshops in the Diocese of London

Starting your fundraising campaign

Don’t know where to start? You’ll find this explanation of the fundraising process and our templates for a fundraising feasibility study here.

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Communicating your fundraising campaign

Communicating effectively with your target audiences is critical to success in a fundraising campaign.

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Community audits

A community audit is a key part of good mission action plans. It helps a church understand its congregation and neighbourhoods better.

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Develop a fundraising plan

Once established, your fundraising committee will then need to develop a very robust ‘case for support’ and fundraising plan. Find templates and a guide here.

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