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Chair of Trustees, Reconciliation Initiatives

Closing Date: 31/12/2021
Contact: Alastair McKay
More information: https://reconciliation-initiatives.org/about-us/new-chair/

Reconciliation Initiatives has had at its heart a vision to support Anglican churches and dioceses in engaging more deeply with their local communities, and in contributing to greater reconciliation in society. We offer a route for Anglican churches to address the current missional challenge, and move into the future. We see this as entering into God’s work in the world, and enabling the Church to fulfil more of her calling. Our next Chair of Trustees will help us to shape the ongoing direction of the charity’s work, as well as the culture of the organisation.

Since our launch, we have worked with 31 leaders from 10 different Dioceses across England, Wales and Scotland, through a development programme called Reconciling Mission. This is designed for Anglican clergy sponsored in groups of four by their diocesan bishop. After an initial residential learning week, programme participants meet online in facilitated small groups for ongoing coaching. This aims to support participants with follow up implementation of their learning, working in collaboration with local lay people.

As a smaller charity, which started fairly recently, we are delighted by what has been achieved to date, under the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, and we look forward to the next stages of our development under the guidance of our next Chair.

In future, it is possible that the charity might expand to work in southern and/or east Africa, in collaboration with local African partners. However, the pandemic has raised questions about how realistic this may be, which we expect the new Chair to help us explore.

The charity employs two part-time staff, an executive director and an administrator, and works with a group of associates who help deliver residential learning events and ongoing group coaching using an action learning model. The charity works, in several ways, in partnership with Coventry Cathedral, where its office was based until the start of the pandemic. The Executive Director, Alastair McKay, has a long track record of delivering adult learning and development programmes for church leaders. Initially one of the founding trustees, Alastair has been director of Reconciliation Initiatives since May 2019.

For further details of the role, along with some key information about the charity and contact details, please see the link below

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