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AHABA cafe Manager

Closing Date:31/08/2020
Contact: Elena Nelson
All Hallows Church, 1 Blackthorn St, Bow, Lonon. E33PN
More information: https://www.allhallowsbow.org.uk/ahabamanager

This is an IMAGINITIVE role as well as a manager role. This is a MISSION role as well as a coordination role. This is a CREATIVE role as well as a coffee role.

AHABA cafe has been open less than a year but already we have created a space that has built a sense of love and community during a time that has been so wrought with anxiety and loneliness. This role will need to continue to foster and grow this community space.

As the head of AHABA you will be leading and building up a small team of baristas, missionaries and volunteers. You will be setting the culture and tone of the cafe and then making decisions to shape this joy-filled space. You will be working directly with our suppliers and developing our products for sale. Overseeing ongoing team training so we aim for excellence. You will be seeking out the next barista or volunteer. You will be ready at all times to share your faith with those that walk through the door. You will be involved with the spiritual life of All Hallows Bow and play your part in the wider life of AHB. You will be managing rotas, ordering stock and managing the bookkeeping. You will foster a space where speciality coffee and evangelism go hand-in-hand.


This role is subject to a satisfactory  DBS check.

  • this post is subject to an occupational requirement that the holder be a practising Christian under Part 1 of Schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010.



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