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Graham Tomlin

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Graham Tomlin

The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin


Graham Tomlin was born into a Christian family – his father was a Baptist minister – where he grew in faith from early years.

After a period of brief teenage atheism, he was drawn back into faith through the love of Christ shown through a group of friends in a local church in Bristol.

He studied at Bristol Grammar School and then at Lincoln College, Oxford, where he met his future wife Janet.

  • Consecrated Bishop of Kensington in September 2015
  • Formerly Principal, now President, of St Mellitus College

He worked in insurance for a couple of years, before training for ordination at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He was curate at St Leonard’s Church in Exeter, before returning to Oxford to be Chaplain of Jesus College Oxford and a tutor at Wycliffe Hall.

He completed a PhD on St Paul, Martin Luther and Blaise Pascal, and went on to teach Historical Theology full-time at Wycliffe, where he was also Vice Principal for eight years.

In 2005, he and Janet moved to London, to help launch St Paul’s Theological Centre, which in 2007 became part of the new St Mellitus College, a partnership between the dioceses of London and Chelmsford and Holy Trinity Brompton. He was the College’s first Principal and has overseen the significant growth of the College over the past eight years.

He is the author of many books, including The Provocative Church (1992), Luther and his World (1992), Looking through the Cross (The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book for 2014) and most recently, The Widening Circle: Priesthood as God’s Way of Blessing the World (2015).

He and Janet have two children: Sam, who is training to be a Salvation Army Officer with his wife Jenni, and Sian, who works for Age UK, and is married to Josh.

Positions held

Bishop of Kensington, London

The Bishop of Kensington's office

Personal Assistant Mrs Emma Hughes
Dial House, Riverside, Twickenham TW1 3DT

Tel: 020 7932 1180
E-mail: bishop.kensingtonPA@london.anglican.org
Kensington Area Administrator Mrs Olivia Malhotra
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