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Preparing for Retirement Residential June 2022

Date: 07/06/2022
From: 1030am
Location: Preparing for Retirement Residential June 2022 St Columba’s House, Maybury Hill
Cost: Free
Audience: Stipendiary clergy who are aged 58 years and over (and their partners)
Contact: Ministry Administrator
More information: https://preparing-retirement-2022-06-07.eventbrite.co.uk

From Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 10.30am to Thursday 9th June 2022 at 2.00pm

St Columba’s House, Maybury Hill,
Woking GU22 8AB


To offer clergy (and their partners) an opportunity to reflect on retirement and to understand and explore some of the practical implications of  retirement.

The Residential is for stipendiary clergy who are aged 58 years and over (and their partners). There is no cost to participants or their parish aside from travelling expenses.

• To provide an opportunity to reflect on retirement in a conducive environment, away
from ministry pressures;
• To offer practical advice and information on retirement issues, including pensions,
housing, finance and health;
• To reflect theologically on retirement;
• To explore psychological, emotional and spiritual issues associated with retirement;
• To provide an environment of support and shared experience.
You are welcome to attend with your partner (if applicable) and if so, you need only register yourself. Then you will have the option to add their name on your booking as well as any dietary requirements for either of you, but this will be considered as a single booking for room allocation purposes.

The Revd Preb Dr Neil Evans, Director of Ministry
The Revd Dr Jackie Cameron, Priest and Medical Doctor
The Revd Philip Welsh, Retired Priest
with representatives from CofE Pensions & Housing and EIG Finance

For further details, please contact the Diocesan Director of Ministry: Revd Preb Dr Neil Evans on 020 8987 7332 or director.ministry@nulllondon.anglican.org or email the Ministry Administrator: Fiona Holmer on 020 7932 1276 or cmd@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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