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Solitude and Communion: Renewing life in a time of pandemic

Location: Solitude and Communion: Renewing life in a time of pandemic online
Audience:All Welcome
the meditatio centre, St Marks, Myddelton Square
More information: https://bit.ly/MBurrows
Download file: Copy-of-Solitude-and-Communion_-Renewing-life-in-a-time-of-pandemic.pdf

What does it mean to speak of “solitude” in positive terms, particularly in a time of pandemic where we seem to be struggling under the pressures of lockdowns, physical distancing and social isolation? How can we find an inner balance that unleashes the Spirit’s power to “make all things new,” even us in the midst of our daily lives? We will explore the invitation that solitude holds, inviting us into a deeper communion with the divine—in ourselves, in each other, and in the “natural” world. Poets, artists and visionaries will guide us, with special attention to the visual arts and their power to awaken within us new ways of seeing and being in our lives.

Mark s a poet and scholar of mystical literature as well as an award-winning translator of German poetry. His recent books include The Chance of Home. Poems (2018) and, with Jon M. Sweeney, Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart (2017) and Meister Eckhart’s Book of Secrets (2019). He resides in Camden, ME.

Mark writes: Poetry is a central part of my work as a speaker and retreat leader, offering itself as a medium where mind and heart, soul and body, meet and minigle. Indeed, the texture and energy of poems carry us into the deep and revelatory places we come to know as our “soul.”



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