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Advent 2020: Waiting, Watching, Rejoicing, Consoling

Location: Advent 2020: Waiting, Watching, Rejoicing, Consoling Online
Cost:Free membership required to sign up to attend
Contact: 01732 252 656
More information: https://staugustinescollege.ac.uk/login

St. Augustine’s College of Theology online retreat programme

4 sessions, beginning 29th November, led by Luigi Gioia

Waiting with Creation
“The Hastening that Waits”: used to sum up the thought of the Swiss theologian Karl Barth, this sentence captures the essence of Christianity. Christian hope teaches us how to take responsibility while waiting the completion from the Lord. In this balance we discover authentic freedom.

Watching with the Prophets
The ‘advent’, the way God visits us, never corresponds to our expectations. Instead, it invites us to embark on the journey beyond the desert, or beyond the lake. Hence the need to be watchful: not apprehensive, but eager and attentive to the signs through which God reveals his presence and action among us.

Rejoicing with the Consoler
Our constant quest for excitement might lead us to miss the joy of our covenant with the Lord. It is an acquired taste, in takes time, but for this very reason, whereas excitement fades, joy lasts.

Consoling with the Prince of Peace
Nothing matters more to the Lord than our consolation. He visits us from on high for this reason: Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people, says the Lord. The only way of welcoming this consolation is sharing it with our sisters and brothers, through care, patience, listening and forgiving, thus building the only peace that lasts.

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of running these events, please do so here: https://staugustinescollege.ac.uk/fundraising-at-st-augustines-college/tattersall-bursary-fund/

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