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Equip – The Sovereign God

Location: Equip – The Sovereign God Oak Hill College, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 4PS
More information: https://www.oakhill.ac.uk/flexible-learning-events/the-sovereign-god

Deepen your understanding of God’s sovereignty, and the way you view his unfailing and unflappable involvement in your life.

We often throw around the phrase ‘God is sovereign’ without taking the time to stop and think what it really means. Is God some sort of puppeteer, controlling us like children play with toys? Does he make mistakes? Is his sovereign rule over all things even fair?
Over four sessions, Chris Stead leads us in exploring how a robust view of God, as the transcendent Creator and loving Father of those in Christ, helps nuance and strengthen the way we view his unfailing and unflappable involvement in the circumstances of our lives. We’ll consider together how the sovereignty of God speaks to salvation, our suffering, and our service in the church.

Meet the tutor
Chris Stead lectures in systematic theology and church history at Oak Hill College. He has a passion for systematic theology as a discipline that helps God’s people define and defend the gospel, proclaim the comfort of the gospel’s God for the good of the church, and worship God for who he is and what he has done.

Please ensure you have booked your ticket through Eventbrite by 10am 01/04/20

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