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Reclaiming Holiness

Location: Reclaiming Holiness Wren Suite in the Crypt, St Paul's Cathedral, London EC4M 8AD.
Contact: Jen Powell
St Paul's Cathedral, London EC4M 8AD
More information: https://www.stpauls.co.uk/sundayforum
Download file: INTERACTIVE_LEAFLET3.pdf

Holiness has an image problem. Our culture often tells us that it is good to be bad, and holiness itself can be surrounded by stereotypes, rules, or suspicion of someone being ‘holier than thou’. Or it can just seem unattainable, an impossible ideal.

Calvin Samuel says that all this is a misunderstanding. Contrary to stereotypes, he says, holiness is the most attractive thing in the world: the dazzle of divine love and a radical grace that God offers for our deepest and most joyful good. He will explore how we can reclaim holiness as a force with the power to transform us, the church and the world.

The Revd Dr Calvin Samuel is a Methodist Minister and theologian. He was Principal of the London School of Theology from 2017-19 and was previously the Academic Dean of St John’s College at the University of Durham and Director of Wesley Study Centre. His latest book, More Distinct, explores what holiness means today (IVP 2018).

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