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Intercession Workshop

Location: Intercession Workshop Holy Trinity Church, Suez Ave. Perivale, Middx UB6 8LN
Contact: Judith Mensah
0203 837 5266
Download file: Intercession-workshop-Feb-2018.pdf

A morning workshop in Perivale exploring ways to lead congregational praying for:
• Those interested in leading intercessions in Church for the first time
• Those who have experience of leading public prayers and who would like to share

There will be an introductory session on what prayer is, why we pray and how public prayers differ from those said in private.

The main session will be a practical guide to preparing to lead intercessions, taking account of liturgical and social context, available resources, the process of preparation, dealing with sensitive matters and special occasions.

Consideration will then be given to delivering intercessions on the day, including a trial run.

Finally, intercessors with be encouraged to regularly assess whether their public prayers are well integrated with the rest of the service and events in the wider world.

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