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Handling Power in Leadership: Workshop

Location: Handling Power in Leadership: Workshop Bloomsbury Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EP
Cost:£75 (£60 concessions or groups of 4 or more)
Audience:All in church leadership
Contact: Lisa Forsyth
St Peter-le-Poer Church, Albion Avenue, London, N10 1AQ
More information: https://www.bbministries.org.uk/course/handling-power-in-leadership-workshop-bloomsbury/

The beatitudes picture the kingdom of God as a realm where normal human assumptions are turned upside down. Those who seem powerless are promised blessing. God invites us to stop seeing ourselves as victims, and rejoice in the power of the Spirit.
And yet churches, as much as any other part of society, get caught up in power struggles. Leaders can feel oppressed by dominant families, in-groups or individuals. Equally, ordinary members can be driven to despair by domineering leaders. We struggle to know how to recognise our own power or how use power well, and in the midst of tension or disagreement, all sides may feel powerless.
It all gives power a bad name — an unseemly thing for Christians even to talk about.
But what if we see power as something that is simply a fact of life? What if no one is powerless, and everyone can choose how to use what power they have – for good or for evil? This way of understanding power brings both liberty and responsibility. Especially for leaders, it means seeing power as a gift and using it wisely.

This workshop offers theological principles, reflecting on what Jesus taught and modelled about power, along with frameworks for good practice in thinking about and exercising power. It is designed for people who are part of a church’s leadership group (e.g. a staff team, ministry team, eldership, diaconate, church council), especially those with pastoral responsibility. As with all Bridge Builders’ training, the aim is to encourage and equip.

Running from 9.30 to 4.30, the programme includes worship, presentations, group work and personal reflection to help us recognise more fully the power that each of of us has personally, and what we can choose to do with it.

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