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Two Cities Area: City Deanery

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St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace (0194)

Area: Two Cities Area
Archdeaconry: London Archdeaconry
Deanery: City Deanery

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is a unique place for dialogue and encounter. A parish church before 1993, it was almost totally destroyed in the IRA Bishopsgate bomb. The Bishop of London saw in this event the opportunity to make an exceptional Centre in the heart of the City, for people to come together across divisions and conflicts.

St Ethelburga’s today

Today St Ethelburga’s is a training centre, rooted in its 800 years of Christian faith, and offering training in dialogue and facilitation for groups and individuals of all faiths or none experiencing direct conflict, facilitated dialogues, conflict transformation and collaborative leadership.

What St Ethelburga’s can offer your church community

Are you an ordained or lay leader in your church community in London? Are you in a position of leadership where you are dealing with daily challenges both within the congregation and the wider parish? Take a look here and see if your leadership team could benefit from any of our training offerings. We offer these trainings bespoke, adapted to your needs; you can come to St Ethelburga’s or we can come direct to your church.

Our fees are for discussion in each case and where there are difficulties, we will seek to negotiate fees based on budget.

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