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Belief: Finding faith

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Christians believe that we are never alone on our journey through life because God is with us from the very beginning until death and beyond death. The belief that God is with us is called faith and so our journey through life is also a journey of faith.

It is a journey into the mystery of the love of God. The Christian faith is an adventure.

The journey is best done within a community where people of different ages, genders and backgrounds may find encouragement and companionship. The Christian Church is the fallible community of followers of Jesus who attempt to live their lives according to his teaching. Christians express their love for God in worship and in prayer. They also express their love for others by caring for them and helping them to know and experience God’s love through Jesus.

Bishop Tom Wright describes what the church is called to be:

“…a place of welcome and laughter, of healing and hope, of friends and family and justice and new life. It’s where the homeless drop in for a bowl of soup, and the elderly for someone to chat to. It’s where one group is working to help drug addicts, and another to campaign for global justice. It’s where you’ll find people learning to pray, coming to faith…it’s where people bring their own small faith and discover that when they get together with others to worship the true God, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.”

If you would like to explore Christianity for yourself please visit one of our churches. Use our search facility to find one nearest to you. There is also a range of helpful introductory courses you could take. All cover the main beliefs of the faith and offer guests the opportunity to ask any questions they like. Courses run in local churches, schools, homes, universities, prisons and workplaces. Most sessions include a talk and the opportunity to air your views in a discussion group setting. The main courses available are:

These websites should help you to find a course running near you. Alternatively, you could contact a church close to your home or workplace. You can use our search facility for this.

Additionally, the Ministry section of our website provides further information on education, training and development for those called to minister.

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