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/ 18 July 2019

Bring young people to the heart of your church on Youth Work Sunday

Join churches across the UK on 22 September 2019 to celebrate Youth Work Sunday – a service where you can highlight the needs and aspirations of young people in your community and the value and importance of the church’s work with them.

Youth Work Sunday is an exciting opportunity to put young people at the heart of your church. It’s an annual focus on young people that’s suitable for every church, whether our not you have young people or youth work. You can even take it beyond Sunday morning and dedicate a whole day to celebrating. The Leaders’ Guide from Youthscape will equip you with everything you need to get involved. Churches of every denomination, large and small, can take part.

For churches already involved in youth ministry, Youth Work Sunday is a great opportunity to publicly thank and pray for your team of workers and volunteers, and for the whole church to be reminded of the importance of youth work. It highlights the needs of young people and, of course, gives them an opportunity to be involved in leading the service.

For churches with few or no young people, Youth Work Sunday is a fantastic way to encourage awareness of young people in your community, foster prayer and concern and, perhaps, build momentum towards starting to engage with young people in some way. It’s a great day to invite in a speaker from a youth work project near by. Many churches with older congregations find Youth Work Sunday one of the highlights of the year and a great opportunity to find hope in the upcoming generation.

Youthscape are developing Youth Work Sunday with a growing group of partners including the Dioceses of London and Birmingham, Youth For Christ, Summer Madness and the Irish Youth Ministry Gathering. Together, we have developed a Leaders’ Guide with prepared service plans, prayers and activities that suit all types of church traditions.

The Leader’s Guide is available to buy from CPO but we have pre-purchased copies to give away to churches in the Diocese of London. Email us for a free copy (don’t forget to tell us your church)!

Youthscape will also be releasing a special ‘Youth Work Sunday’ film this summer that you can show as part of your service.


How to get started

  • Set aside your service on Sunday 22 September 2019 to focus on young people.
  • Order your Leaders’ Guide and use it to help plan your service (we’ve pre-paid for a bunch of copies, first come first served. Email us to order a pack).
  • Download the Youth Work Sunday logo here and announce it in advance on your notice sheets, screens and social media.


Videos you can use

Youthscape just released this video about PCF church in Cheshire and how they connected to the young people in their area. Ask the church, “What is God calling us to build with young people here?”


You could also download the video below from Youthscape on Vimeo. (2 years old but timeless!):



About Levi Phillips

Levi is the Creative Lead at Capital Youth, an initiative run by the Diocese of London Children & Youth Support team. He volunteers in youth ministry and leads worship at Christ Church W4 in Chiswick. Levi completed a degree in Applied Theology before working in marketing and design in the corporate space, bringing both worlds together in his current role at Capital Youth.

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