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/ 1 February 2018

Over 200 young people attend youth concert at St Saviour’s Sunbury

The launch of a Youth Minster in Sunbury saw over 200 under-18s attend a concert opened by the church’s youth band and headlined by MOBO award-winning artist, Guvna B.

Tickets were free, but limited, and the event ‘sold out’ a week in advance, demonstrating its complete success.

The concert was attended by local youth groups and their friends, packing out the building.

The church’s youth-led worship team opened the event to set the atmosphere, playing upbeat worship music and setting expectations.

At one point, Guvna B joined them on stage and ‘freestyled’ some lyrics that fitted the theme of the song.

Guvna B then performed a selection of his pieces that created an electric atmosphere of excitement on the young people’s part, weaving a great message of worship through it all and pointing them towards Jesus in prayer.

Ron Cross, Vicar at St Saviour’s said:

“This was an incredible opportunity for young people to gather, be part of the church and hear the Gospel message. Everyone had a fantastic time and it was immediately obvious that we made the right call putting on this event. We want to see young people experiencing the love of God through the church community in ways they wouldn’t normally expect, so it was a great success.”

Watch a video of Guvna B rapping alongside St Saviour’s youth band.

Watch a short summary of the event from St Saviour’s.

About Youth Minsters

We are investing in six key churches who are innovative in reaching new young people from London to help other parishes to do the same.

They are focused on young people who are not in church; pioneering new ways for them to become part of the church.

Each Youth Minster is accountable for growing large numbers for their context and resourcing others to reach young people.

St Andrew’s Enfield

Leading in discipleship and transitions from children’s to youth work in a traditional liturgical context. Looking at how to be intentional in relational work.

St John’s Hoxton

Working creatively in an urban deprived area making particular use of art to engage young people

St Peter’s Harrow
Seeking to model serving one specific deanery, where there are already several churches with youth groups, as a resourcing hub

Holy Trinity Brompton

An already-large church seeking to grow and provide models of resourcing others.

Christ Church W4 (Turnham Green)

A partnership with The Message Trust and Latimer Minster as part of a multi-site church with one venue given totally to youth work

St Saviour’s Sunbury

A minster based on mission to secondary schools.

Find out more about Capital Youth here.

About Levi Phillips

Levi is the Creative Lead at Capital Youth, an initiative run by the Diocese of London Children & Youth Support team. He volunteers in youth ministry and leads worship at Christ Church W4 in Chiswick. Levi completed a degree in Applied Theology before working in marketing and design in the corporate space, bringing both worlds together in his current role at Capital Youth.

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