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/ 10 July 2017

Who is the Lord? Creator of all!

In the beginning art installation.

Recently, Christ Church Roxeth opened its doors to reveal a creative experience that would take its congregation deeper into the passage of John 1. With the use of music, installation art and actors, the team at Word Encounters was able to transport a congregation back to the beginning of time to show Jesus’ part in creation.

The service began with three actors moving simultaneously as one, occasionally breaking out to illustrate the triune God, three persons, yet one. As the Trinity became one, the actors began to bring to life the animals around them, and the creation tableau came to life instantly.

All the created beings and animals then came together following the movements of their maker in a synchronised dance, demonstrating God’s sovereignty over creation, and were then released into the congregation to encourage them to explore the world, and how it was created.

Each creation set had places to explore, things to taste, touch, see and smell. There were scrolls hidden in flowers and tree branches, shells and rocks, with poems and literature that unpacked the message of John 1 further. A large waterfall dominated the stage providing descriptions of Jesus in his sovereignty.

A spoken word followed a final performance from the actors in which all created things bowed down to Jesus, which then led the service into communion and sung Worship.

As the evening came to an end, there was a buzz from the congregation by what they just experienced. Many were challenged by this creative interpretation and many were left excited and wanting more.

Word Encounters is a group of London School of Theology graduates who saw a need for providing multi-sensory experiences that would encourage deeper engagement with scripture. As they were discovering incredible truth over their courses, their passion for making Theology accessible increased.

The group was founded by Kay-Marie Stroud, which started with her dissertation where she researched expressions of alternative worship, and how that can aid a learning of scripture. Her first installation was based on Revelation 12, which was a huge success and inspired her to create Word Encounters.

This most recent installation on Sunday 2nd July, saw Christ Church Roxeth view their debut of John 1 – ‘In the beginning.’ Kay-Marie suggests, “it is amazing to see something from my head come to life before your eyes and seeing people get excited about it. Christ Church is my home church and I’ve never seen the evening service so busy! It was a great encouragement, and our next dream would be to continue hosting this installation in other churches.’

The Word Encounters team, Lauren Childs, Rosie Clothorpe, Theodore Liu and Kay-Marie Stroud, are excited to take part on this venture and pray that with God’s leading and direction they will have more opportunities to share the magnificent message of the Bible.

If you would like to find out more and how this unique style of worship could be used in your church contact Kay Marie-Stoud to find out more.

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