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/ 24 November 2021

Vacancy in See Committee elections 2021 

Following the election of a new Diocesan Synod, members of Synod are required to elect representatives to the Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee.  The Vacancy in See Committee meets when there is a vacancy in the See of London, i.e. the post of Bishop of London has become vacant.  The Committee prepares a statement of the needs of the Diocese for consideration by the Crown Nominations Commission of the General Synod, and appoints a number of its members to represent the Diocese on the Commission.

Timetable for the Vacancy in See Committee elections 2021

Issue of Notice of Election and Nomination Form = Tue 16 November

Closing Date for Return of Nomination Forms = Mon 6 December (noon)

Issue of Voting Papers = Mon 6 December

Closing Date for Return of Voting Papers = Wed 22 December (noon)

Count = Thurs 23 December

Who can be elected?

4 clerical and 13 lay places are available to be filled by this election.

Clerics beneficed in the Diocese or licensed under seal by the Bishop of London or an Area Bishop are eligible for election by members of the House of Clergy of the Diocesan Synod, except that no archdeacon and no person in Episcopal orders is eligible to be elected in this election.

Any lay person who is an actual communicant (within the meaning of Church Representation Rule 83(2)) who is aged 16 or over and— (a) whose name is on the roll of a parish in the diocese, (b) whose name is on the community roll of the cathedral church of the diocese which is not a parish church, (c) who, in a case where the area of the diocese includes Westminster Abbey, is declared by the dean to be a habitual worshipper, or (d) who is declared by the leader of a mission initiative in the diocese to be part of the worshipping community involved in the initiative – is eligible for election by the House of Laity and the House of Clergy of the Diocesan Synod.

How to stand for election

First of all, complete the relevant nomination form, available from the Synodical Department. If you are a cleric standing for election you should complete the Clergy Nomination Form. If you are not a member of the clergy then you should complete the Lay Nomination Form.

Please be very careful to follow all of the instructions on the notice of election paper and the nomination form, including those concerning the candidate’s statement, and who can propose and second your nomination. If you are standing as a member of the clergy they must be clerical members of the Diocesan Synod. If you are standing as a lay person, they must be lay members of the Diocesan Synod. The form must be signed by your proposer and seconder and also by yourself as candidate. Please note that deadlines for the receipt of nomination and voting papers have to be strictly adhered to in the interests of fairness to all.

For details on candidacy, electors and for other information, please contact the Synodical Department,   Tel: 020 7932 1228/1236, email: monica.bolley@nulllondon.anglican.org

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