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/ 21 January 2015

Urgent Appeal: Floods in Mozambique

Dear ALMA Reps and Friends,

There is an urgent request for prayers for the Diocese of Niassa, after the very serious flooding in Zambezia province of the diocese.

ALMA will be responding in faith by sending a donation of £5,000 to Niassa on so we can be alongside in the immediate flood relief efforts.  ALMA churches may want to take a collection towards this on Sunday 25 January and individuals can give online and by sharing this information.

What’s happened:

The Licungo River has had the worst floods since 1971 with two major bridges on the major national road -the EN1- collapsing and halting north-south movement. Electricity is out in many places as the torrential rains have knocked out 10 pylons. The Zambezi river has also risen above flood alert levels. More than, ten thousand people are displaced as they seek refuge on higher ground.

How we can help:

The Diocese of Niassa is experienced in flood relief work and supported by partners including Tearfund, World Renew, ALMA and MANNA, will deliver kits to families made homeless by the floods which includes: maize, kits of seeds, water treatment and mosquito nets with each kit costing about £35. Of the $53,000 needed to achieve this, $30,000 has been pledged. ALMA is looking to raise £5000 or $7500 towards this cost.

Information on the floods can be found on the ALMA London facebook page which can be accessed without having an account, or for media reports visit the news sites BBC News or SRN News.

Other information can be found on a blog written by Jo and Andy Beale in Milange, Mozambique.

With huge thanks for your prayers and commitment.


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