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/ 2 August 2021

Updates to church Grants database

Church Grants the searchable grant funding database which is available to use free of charge for all parishes in the Diocese of London, has completed its biannual review of all  funding entries to ensure the information provide remains relevant and up to date.


Key changes to the online site include:

  • Entries now listed under counties rather than CofE Diocese to reflect the way most funders operate.
    • Click ‘’London” from the new drop-down menu to find a list of funders who are interested to support work in your area as well as a list of relevant funding entries that support every county.
    • Parishes on the outer edges of the Diocese may wish to widen their search to include the adjoining counties.
  • London Borough select bar

Brings up a drop-down menu to find funders that specifically state that they support a particular Borough for a very selective search which might only return a few results.

A wider search of all London Boroughs will identify funders that make grants in the London area.

  • Additional funding criteria to select (previously restricted to Capital and Social Outreach) for a more detailed report, tailored to your fundraising needs:
    • A choice of 20 different search criteria based on the grant-making priorities described by the funders themselves.
    • New criteria include more general terms – ‘Heritage’ or ‘Environment’ as well as the more specialised areas of interest – ‘Bells’ or ‘Stained Glass’.

To start the search select “London” and then select all the relevant criteria that match your project or campaign, then click ‘Get your Results’

There is a ‘clear all search criteria’ button at the end of the selection to carry out multiple searches in quick succession.

  • Denomination selection for funders that state they either highly favour, or only support, certain denominations such as Anglican, Catholic, Baptist or Methodist. Criteria buttons have been included towards the end of the search page to run this type of very narrow search.

 As an example: For an Anglican church with a project to support young people select:

  • London
  • Young people
  • Anglican

This tailored search might give only a few results,  but they will be very relevant to your project.

Removing the selection of ‘Anglican’ will give you more results.

  • More detail in the search results such as each funder’s charity number and a link to the Charity Commission for further research on each entry.

To view the latest changes use this link: https://london.churchgrants.co.uk/   Enter your unique 4-digit parish reference number (xxxx) and then click the church/parish name from the drop-down menu. You can use this search engine as many times as you want to identify prospective grant funders for your projects.



Church Grant 20 Minute Master Class Webinars

 A reminder of the dates and themes for the rest of our Church Grants 2021 webinars is below:

  • 28 September: Church Grants Kickstarter Approach. Register here to attend the session
  • 26 October: Ask the Experts – Panel Discussion. Register here to attend the session
  • 30 November: What next? Looking ahead to 2022. Register here to attend the session

The first of our ‘Meet The Funders’ webinars is on 16 September when Chloe Ewen, Grants Manager from All Churches Trust will be joining us at 2pm to explain more about their grant funding streams. To reserve a place please register in advance

Anyone wishing to catch up with previous  fundraising webinars can do so here.

Information, Advice and Guidance about fundraising is available from the @fundmychurch team via email to parishfundraisingsupport@nulllondon.anglican.org


About Carol Ward

Carol Ward was the Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London. She retired in November 2021.

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