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/ 20 March 2018


Tom is 23 years old working for an investment consultancy in central London, which his first job out of university. Having commuted from home for a while, he’s just moved to Islington, and loves living and working centrally.

For Tom, being a Christian means to be an ambassador.  The main challenge of being a Christian is the pressure to conform. This works itself out in lots of different ways – for example the pressure not to say anything controversial at work and to keep my head down, the pressure to run after status, money and popularity, to name a few others.

Tom says,  “I am very quick to forget that my life has been turned on its head – that God has bought me at such a great price. I forget that I now belong to God, not to myself and that is an incredible thing because I now get to share in an intimate relationship with the God of the universe.”

For Tom, living for Jesus day to day involves trying to put him first in everything that he does. That (hopefully!) shows itself in different ways, like spending time reading the bible and praying each day, spending time encouraging and being encouraged by other Christians and looking for opportunities to speak about my faith with friends and colleagues. “I know that I so often mess up and put God to the end of my list of priorities, but I know that he loves me and has already forgiven me for going wayward.”


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Lawrence is the Creative Lead for Ambassadors, which is a Capital Vision 2020 project aimed to equip people more effectively to live and speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

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