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/ 15 January 2020

The Spark Fund is now open for a second round of funding

The Spark Fund by Capital Youth has opened for a second round of funding to help under 25s run missional projects in the Diocese of London – ideas must be submitted by 14 February.

Ever heard a young person say “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”?

Launched in September last year, The Spark Fund is a new initiative from Capital Youth that helps under 25s in churches and schools across the Diocese of London run projects that share the Christian faith in new ways. With pilot and first round projects underway, the second round is now open for applications. Grants of £500 upward are available, with smaller budgets more likely to secure funding.


“It’s been great seeing the variety of ideas that young people have come up with so far. It’s key that we create the spaces and structures that allow them the freedom to explore sharing their faith, and amazing that we can fund these ideas. I’m already looking forward to seeing what young people come up with for the next round!”

Joy Faulkner-Mpeho, Trustee


What young people need to apply

All we need at this stage is an idea. It doesn’t matter how simple or formed the idea is, as long as it involves sharing the Christian faith with 11-18s. It must come from a young person and be their idea, as they will be the person in charge of running the project, with support from their adult sponsor.

Ideas must be submitted by 14 February by one or more young people with an agreed adult sponsor from their church or school (youth worker, vicar or chaplain). Applicants will need to attend the workshop on 26 February, where the board and other creatives will be on hand to help them develop their idea into more of a plan, before completing the funding application.

So far, young people have been successful in applying for all sorts of ideas, from ‘Fortnite Bible videos’ to a weekend retreat for students that covered a mini Alpha course.

Ideas that receive funding on application will be:

  • Young peoples’ ideas and innovation
  • Projects which talk/share about faith in Jesus
  • Social action projects which integrate faith *
  • Projects explicitly linked to your church
  • Projects with potential to appeal to 11-18s
  • Projects with a clear plan, budget and expected impact on reaching 11-18s

* Capital Mass can give advice and support on tackling poverty and inequality in your community!

What cannot be funded:

  • A paid youth worker
  • Project ideas that aren’t owned and led by young people
  • Projects that are not missional in focus
  • Projects which lack detail and long-term vision
  • Young people without suitable Sponsors


Apply by 14 February! For full details, visit london.anglican.org/spark


About Levi Phillips

Levi is the Creative Lead for Growing Younger, a priority of the 2030 Vision for churches in the Diocese of London. Levi is part of the Children & Youth Support team, volunteers in youth ministry and leads worship at his local church. Levi completed a degree in Applied Theology before working in marketing and design in the corporate space, bringing both worlds together in his current role.

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